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Hampton 3:33 AM

I really couldn’t decide on which shots I wanted to show you all and I wish I could show you all the shots I did on this night but it's okay; out of all 300 this and four others had the strongest impact because this picture makes you feel something the vibe it gives off and overall tone.

So a little information about this shot we were outside for that first hour just walking and talking and trying to figure out what we were going to do out here as well as I was trying to figure out what I wanted the picture to tell and then maybe 20 snaps later we finally got the shot we needed and then we walked a few more miles around the Hampton Roads area in which we live just shooting the whole night. I was in a kind of rut before this shot and then everything just clicked for me last night.

What Inspired this shot was Willem Verbeecks’ Americas playground zine where he photographed Cony Island and I wanted to do that with my city and photograph it in the late-night and thus sparking this creative turn of events that I can’t wait to share more of and continue doing what I love

The story behind this picture is what you make it, it’s all about what you interpret. It isn’t one of those pictures that you can glance at and think you know what’s going on. You really gotta look at it and see it until it moves you and then some. All my work is kind of like that unless I’m shooting models or modeling myself; they always hold a concept to it that’s how I like to be. I chose the title LOST because when you first look at it you interpret that he’s lost and trying to get home or you could interpret that he was a lost soul.

I used Photoshop Express to edit the photo and create the border around it, it was shot on the iPhone 11 with HDR on and Night Mode activated you can tell by the certain bright colors but I didn’t really touch much because I loved the way it looked already from the blurry figure to the neon that just pops out in front of you. It was just beautiful.

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These shots resurfaced again in my life and I just couldn’t help myself. I’m not gonna lie, I honestly forgot about these. Alas, they turned back up and an old article resurfaced.

I decided to give writing another go as well as creative journalism and just talk about some old shots. Might as well get ready for these articles to roll out; once I start talking. I don’t stop.

I’m a radio host and writer from Hampton, VA and I like to talk about things from time to time.