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Hampton 3:33 AM

I really couldn’t decide on which shots I wanted to show you all and I wish I could show you all the shots I did on this night but it's okay; out of all 300 this and four others had the strongest impact because this picture makes you feel something the vibe it gives off and overall tone.

So a little information about this shot we were outside for that first hour just walking and talking and trying to figure out what we were going to do out here as well as I was trying to figure out what I…

Ah you know who it is! You know what you’re reading, it’s Groovy’s Block baby! (Chillout I know the name a work in progress but good morning folks! How are we doing on this fine Monday morning? Good I hope, the day just began!

So I’m here to explain to y’all in few words who I am and what to expect when you stumble across my content across the web, I’m a wacky (Slightly insane, main character in my own world.) Who answers to none and questions all, I’m also a very talented writer and gamer. The name is Bryce…

So, I’m sitting here minding my business and watching shows that I probably should’ve watched ages ago. (I’m writing this as I’m watching of course) and I’ve stumbled upon Black AF and man it’s an arousing show but for some reason, I can’t stop watching; it’s a sense of disappointment but like joy?

Dawg this show is ass. BUT, I like it. It’s one of those cult classics for black people like it's not good but it's good to us? shit man I don’t know, I’m only on episode 2 and he talking bout how buying drugs is supposed to…

There it was, the ship from my youth. Off in the distance sailing north towards what we thought was the right passage to Arcadia. The home of wits and brawn. They said Arcadia holds greater power than Kings Archipelago. I don’t believe them. You see Arcadia was the known myth around the chain of islands; you not from KA if you never heard the tale of Arcadia. Wait, you never heard the tale? Well, I guess we got some time before I tell y’all what it’s like.

You see Arcadia is home to the Giant elders of yesterday. The great…


I’m a radio host and writer from Hampton, VA and I like to talk about things from time to time.

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